Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider

director of studies at Gutenberg Institute for World Literature and Written Media / Book Studies

Dr. Schneider’s research interests are the history of reading and readers as well as current tendencies of reading practices. These topics are closely associated with the sociology of texts, which is determined by text organisation, material semantics and values attributed to books and reading.
Since more than 15 years Dr. Schneider is also the editor of „Imprimatur“, a yearbook for friends of book culture and book collectors.
Dr. Schneider has received several awards such as the Mainz University [JGU] award for her PhD thesis „Die allgemeine Deutsche Bibliothek als Integrationsmedium der Gelehrtenrepublik“ (1995); the award of the academic board of the JGU Mainz for excellent lectures and teaching (2002) and the award of the state Rhineland-Palatinate for excellence in teaching (2007).

Dr. Schneider’s favourite quote :
“What is going on here?”
/C. Geertz/