National Library of Latvia

The library is not simply a building, but a repository of knowledge where information resources can be stored, protected and shared. The building that houses the library is both a structure and a symbol of the human knowledge that it contains and reveres. 

Its shape is a symbolic expression of the Glass Mountain and the Castle of Light found in Latvian folklore. The building is open to the public and it hosts a variety of exhibitions, concerts and events.

Please note that prior to the library tour all bags (also small bags) must be left in the lockers at the cloakroom. All valuable items can be transferred to special transparent bags available at the cloakroom. Safety deposit for the locker key is a 1 euro coin (notes can be changed in the Change machine on the wall). A coin is returned when the key is placed back in the locker.

Excursions at the National Library of Latvia will take place in two groups on the first day. All of the participants will have an opportunity to go on a guided excursion.


On the second day, there will be other excursions around Riga before the Evening Party. Since the number of participants is limited, please check your e-mail for the invitation to register for these excursions!


Riga St. Peter’s Church

Riga St. Peter’s Church   –  the tallest peak in Riga, is one the oldest and most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in the Baltic States. It is located in the historical centre of Riga and in 1997 was included among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The church hall is used for exhibitions and concerts. The tower of the church offers breathtaking views of the medieval and modern Riga, River Daugava with its spacious harbour and the Gulf of Riga.

Be prepared for the entrance fee 9 EUR and bus ticket 2 EUR (or previously purchased e-ticket).


University of Latvia Library of Kalpaka Boulevard

The building project of the mansion at Kalpaka Boulevard 4 was developed in 1874 for the first Mayor of Riga. This building came in possession of the University of Latvia in the 1940s and until the renovation in 2012, it housed the Central library of the Library of University of Latvia. This library is one of the Library of the University of Latvia 8 branches libraries.

The building of the library is located in Riga City Centre.

Be prepared for the bus ticket 2 EUR (or previously purchased e-ticket). 


University of Latvia Library of Raina Boulevard

Library of Raina Boulevard collection has more than 66 thousand information resources, of which nearly three thousand cover computer science, more than 53 thousand contain information in law and legal sciences, and more than 11 thousand information resources in theological science. The library is proud of several collections: Visvaldis Varnešs Klīve donation collection, Theological Seminary collection and collection of Institute of Astronomy. This library is one of the Library of the University of Latvia 8 branches libraries.

The building is located in the centre of Riga.

Be prepared for the bus ticket 2 EUR (or previously purchased e-ticket)


The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

Museum has one of the largest collections dedicated to this topic in Europe. Museum artefacts add personal experience to the history through the life story of each person. These memories do not talk only of suffering, but of endurance, selflessness and resistance.

Be prepared for the fee for guide 3 EUR and the bus ticket 2 EUR (or previously purchased e-ticket)

Entrance fee – donations


Latvian National Museum of Art

Latvian National Museum of Art is the largest depository of professional art in Latvia and takes an important place in collecting, preserving and popularizing the cultural values in Latvia and foreign countries. It regularly organizes art exhibitions, educational activities and cultural events.

Be prepared for the entrance fee 4.80 EUR and bus ticket 2 EUR (or previously purchased e-ticket)


The Art Nouveau Museum

The Art Nouveau Museum is located in the apartment where the outstanding Latvian architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns (1859 – 1928) lived until 1907. The current display of the museum shows the characteristic furnishings of an apartment of a Riga inhabitant at the beginning of the 20th century.

Be prepared for entrance fee 5 EUR and bus ticket 2 EUR (or previously purchased e-ticket)


Walking Tour in the Old Town of Riga

The city of contrasts! The Old Town is the city’s very heart, showcasing well-preserved medieval architecture and narrow cobbled streets at every corner. It is a very pleasant place to walk around, taking in the history, old buildings and capturing the real essence of Riga.

Old Riga is the historical part of the city, where many centuries interflow. Walk through 800 years of Riga and take a look at the Town Hall Square, Dome Cathedral, Great and Small Guild, Riga Castle, House of the Blackheads, and many more architectural and historical marvels.

Be prepared for walking!  (: