The organizers of BOBCATSSS 2018 are students, teachers and professionals from University of Latvia and Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest. We have divided ourselves into teams, where each team is responsible for different sets of tasks.

Content team
The Content Team is responsible for planning the conference theme and subthemes. It also selects the keynote speakers and prepares guidelines for the papers and reviews abstracts.  

Finances & Sponsors team
This team’s responsibilities include setting the budget, looking for sponsors and partners, and the management of finances.

Media team
The Media Team is responsible for the visual appearance of conference, creation of website, management of social media accounts, and promotion of the event.

Social program team
They organize all the social events at the time of conference including the gala dinner, party, excursions, opening ceremony and other activities.

Coordination team
The coordination team supervises the location of venues, logistics, accommodations, involvement of volunteers, access to Wi-Fi and other tasks as well.