Thank you for your interesting presentations and discussions at BOBCATSSS 2018. You all are really the best!
During the three days, our jury attended the PechaKucha session and all paper sessions to find the best in each category. Also, you had a chance to vote for best poster and workshop throughout the conference. The points and votes have been counted and here are the results:

Best paper presentation – “Reading Data: The Missing Literacy from LIS Education” by  Lisa Morrison, Terry Weech

Best poster – “What students actually do in library?” by Jaana Tõnisson

Best workshop – “To be or not to be – it’s not the question about library social media marketing!” by Aira Lepik, Maris Nool and Jaana Tõnisson

Best PechaKucha presentation – “The Importance of Data journalism: A PechaKucha about Data retrieval, Information visualization, Fact checking and the role of content teams in libraries” by Lowie van Eck and Niels van der Meer