You will have 20 minutes to present your research. It also includes a discussion with the audience. This is the most popular format of the presentation of the research. You can explain everything in your paper and even more so in the presentation.

The paper must be up to 8 pages long (2000 – 3500 words). To create a perfect paper, please follow the instructions in Guidelines.

Here are some TIPS for presenting a paper:

• How to Present a Paper: A Speaker’s Guide
• 5 Ways to Give a Presentation That Nobody Will Ever Forget
• How to present a paper (Paraphrased from my hazy memory of what Drew McDermott taught me many years ago)
• How to present a paper (or act as a discussant)
• How to Present a Paper at an Academic Conference
• How to avoid death By PowerPoint | David JP Phillips | TEDxStockholmSalon
• The 7 secrets of the greatest speakers in history | Richard Greene | TEDxOrangeCoast


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